Year: 2008; Vol: 1; No: 2; doi: TBA

Aspects of Apithology: Orientations in the Four Potentials of Health

Will Varey

Date Received: 21st August 2008 / Date Revised: 12th October 2008

Article Status:  Published


This paper identifies four aspects of health and wellbeing. These are described from within the discipline of apithology, introducing an apithological perspective on health for the first time. The four aspects disclose four different and distinctive resulting potentials. A framework representing these four potentials is proposed as a conceptual landscape to allow meaningful orientating generalizations to be formed. The four potentials are defined as the fields of: pathology, antipathology, apathology and apithology respectively. By identifying the four aspects it is hoped that different conceptions of health can be more clearly discerned, assisting practitioners in identifying inherent potentials, underlying motivations and probable outcomes in our predominant orientations to health and wellbeing.

Keywords: aspects; orientations; health;

Cite as: Varey, W. (2008) Aspects of Apithology: Orientations in the Four Potentials of Health. Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice. 1(2), 1-7.