Year: 2008; Vol: 1; No: 3; doi: TBA

Dimensions of Health: Locating Conceptions of Health and Causation

Will Varey

Date Received: 18th August 2008 / Date Revised: 24th October 2008

Article Status:  Published


This article contains further refinements in the process of definition of apithological systems. It introduces a methodology for discerning conceptions of health and wellbeing by identifying two dimensions within which the qualities of consciousness operating can be described. This process for discerning conceptions of health using the central reference points of perceptions of normalcy and the proximity of effects is outlined. Different conceptions of health can then be described by the span of system perception operating around self-defining normative events. This approach provides a means to define the location of different systemic conceptions of health objectively while also allowing an appreciation of the perception that is operating subjectively so as to privilege neither subjective nor objective dualities. Three definitive qualities in four frames of reference are then proposed for the practitioner's use.

Keywords: health; delineation; orientations; cause; symptoms

Cite as: Varey, W. (2008) Dimensions of Health: Locating conceptions of health and causation. Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice. 1(3), 1-9