Year: 2009; Vol: 1; No: 4; doi: TBA

Balancing Dynamic Tensions: Pathology in Apithological Systems

Will Varey

Date Received: 20th August 2008 / Date Revised: 1st December 2008

Article Status:  Published


This paper progresses the analysis of apithological systems by examining the dynamic tensions within each of the four aspects of apithology. Identified within each of the four aspects are four distinct configurations of two different tensions. The balances in these resultant forces provide each aspect with its own unique orientation. This assists an understanding of the causative dynamics of the formation of conceptions. An explanation of the characteristics of the conjunction of these dynamics is provided to illustrate their resultant effects and potentials. The respective benefits resulting from the balances in these tensions leads into a discussion of the effects of their imbalance in the four orientations. In this analysis we identify the potential for different characteristics of varying degrees of pathology within all four aspects using an apithological systems analysis.

Keywords: pathology, apithology, aspects, orientation, anti-pathology, apathology

Cite as: Varey, W. (2009) Balancing Dynamic Tensions: Pathology in Apithological Systems. Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice. 1(4) 1-9.