Year: 2009; Vol: 1; No: 5; doi: TBA

Generativity and Coaction: Relations in a Contribution Analysis

Will Varey

Date Received: 8th December 2008 / Date Revised: 29th December 2008

Article Status:  Published


This paper examines the fifth component in the process of an initial apithology analysis being the coaction relationships between identifiable conceptions and their perceptual environments. The nine major forms of coaction potential are described and reframed using an apithological perspective. The nature of the different coaction configurations are outlined, together with their consequences. The article concludes with observations regarding the potential of each coaction system and reflections on the potential for the system of humanity as a whole.

Keywords: co-actions, Haskell, contribution, generative

Cite as: Varey, W. (2009) Generativity and Coaction: Relations in a Contribution Analysis. Aspects of Apithology: The Journal of Apithological Practice. 1(5), 1-9.